About Mom Central - Mom Central Canada

Let’s face it, marketing that targets women, especially mothers, needs to be brought into the 21st century. We’re tired of being talked down to and fed fluff instead of being treated like the shrewd, tech savvy shoppers that we are.

Moms make the lion’s share of family purchasing decisions – the ‘second shift’ is still largely a woman’s domain. We feed and clothe and buy for our immediate family members, and make recommendations to our extended families (friends, coworkers, yoga buddies) too.

When we love a product we are  passionate brand advocates, and we always have an audience because moms are always asking other moms for advice!

What do we want? To be marketed to with appreciation and respect for our sizeable power as consumers.

Mom Central Canada helps connect moms with brands that understand this.

Moms who sign up to join our community are provided with the unique opportunity to help shape the future of marketing in Canada. You may be sent a product to test and be asked to answer a short survey with your thoughts. We’ll ask your feedback for research, offer you exclusive access to contests and giveaways and send you samples that Canadian companies want you to try.

Let brands know what you think and sign up today.